2016 AGM.

The AGM was held on the 3rd June in the Gwydyr Hotel Betws-y-Coed.

About 15 members attended and many sent in apologies for not making it.

Sian welcomed our new Treasurer and his wife to the meeting.

She ran through the trading accounts for the last year and apart from the large expence the club had to bear for the Website design all was approved. It is interesting to note from the accounts that sales of day tickets is rising sharply from last year. With new leaflets or posters to be designed and distributed in Hotels in LLandudno and Colwyn Bay the club should see some good results.

Very briefly the topics that we could cover were the Hydro Scheme at Elsi ( short term operation for the equipment on site )

Monitoring the levels of Elsi. The lake level has dropped quite a bit because of water extraction for the Hydro Scheme and Tony has this in hand to discuss with the contractors, Allied Hydro Power. On their website is very nice picture of LLyn Elsi although more trees and bankline showing than Lake.

A request was put out by Sian for anyone to come up with some leaflet design ideas to promote Day Ticket Fishing on the Lakes and Rivers, so anyone with some graphic ideas please put them forward to Sian.

Websites. I was asked by Tony to pace a downloadable pack for people wishing to book day tickets on Lakes and Rivers. This is now in hand and I also asked Sian if at the next Committee meeting if they could agree to having a Pay Pal account set up to enable people to book and pay for their day tickets online.

More on this later

The date for the Fishing Competiton was discussed It could be held at the end of June but watch these water levels.


As a point of interest our Gwydyr Fishery website is back to its old form and hopefully will be updated with all the above points and be kept free of all web site design charges.




If local members of the club want the extra fishing then it comes as an extra cost. Please see the fees on the link below.

Please see our new site Gwydyr Fishery for maps and details.


Welcome to our new style web site. If you need to leave comments about this site please use our Facebook page

This site now replaces the Forum page that we used to have. I hope you enjoy reading through the pages ( although all of them are not yet complete. It does take a little time to get everything moved over.) and you can Bookmark this site  so that you can easily come back to it again and again.

To help New Members and day ticket fishermen I have included a downloadable E-Book which explains everything you need to know.

Just click on the little picture below to access it. In there it will have the fishing season dates for Trout and Salmon, so please take a look.

From this page and any other pages on the site you will have access to all the pages and pictures.

To give new members a bit of a taster here are two of the pictures of the pools and runs on our waters and some of the flies used to catch the Salmon and Sea Trout.


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