The  2017 Annual General Meeting of the Club was held on Friday 21st July at the Golf Club  in Betws-y-Coed.
Approximately 18 members attended .
Various topics were up for discussion. The main one being Catch & Release of Salmon and setting limits on where fish can be fished for. Restrictions are in place at Pont y Pair Falls when the marker shows below 7, and below Swallow Falls Pools.

Elsi Lake Hydro Scheme. The water levels again have been low this season and more water is being extracted by this scheme , although comments have been raised with them about how much water they are extracting.

Llyn Goddionduon Boat House. At present we have no boathouse due to damage it sustained during adverse weather conditions, and this caused the boat to smash into the sides of the Boat House causing considerable damage. Plans are in place for a new concrete base, bettter security of the boat, and a new build of the house.

Keys for Forestry Access to the lakes. Please use the route from the Ugly House , and not go through Glyn Farm, as the Farmer will ban you from going through.

Website. It was accepted that online payments for booking and fishing would be available soon. We already have online booking but have not connected it to Pay Pal for taking payments. As we do not have an HSBC bank in Betws or LLanrwst the Treasurer is making use of the banking facilities at the Post Office.

Tagging Salmon. It was suggested that next season every Salmon Member will be given Tags when they renew their subscriptions. This idea is to prevent taking more fish than allowed and will greatly assist the 7 Club Bailiffs to monitor catches.

It was also suggested that we put up information on how to release Salmon with the least amount of stress to the fish. This information  can be found on the Know Your Fish Page.

The Treasurer presented the annual accounts and everyone agreed that the club funds are in a very good state of affairs.He apologised for the lateness of the return of the audited accounts from the accountants, This was one of the reasons the AGM was so late in the year.

This website was updated on 30 th July 2017.